Families Leading Planning


  • Joseph’s Support Plan Plans helps you to be clear about what support you need and this helps local authorities to see how money that they give for meeting your needs is being used. The support plan makes you clear about what your needs for support, where and who will provide it and how much it will cost. Joseph’s support plan has been developed from using Person Centred Planning methods like Essential Lifestyle Planning, Path a and Maps and shows you clearly how this type of planning then moves on to clearly identify what somebody needs in terms of support and funding.

    This type of approach is being developed as part of a national project called In Control. For further information about this approach you can visit

    www.selfdirectedsupport.org.uk or contact barbara@familiesleadingplanning.co.uk or margaret@familiesleadingplanning.co.uk or caroline@familiesleadingplanning.co.uk for further information.